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Do you ever wish you had a trusted expert

Do you ever wish you had a trusted expert in your corner you could go to for all your financial questions? Questions like:

  • Is now a good time to buy a second home?
  • How do I create an exit strategy for my business?
  • When should I sell my restricted stock units?
  • How do I sell off my real estate portfolio?
  • Am I offering the best retirement plan to my employees?
  • Is my business financially stable enough to hire more staff?
  • Should I be looking into a compensation plan for my

When you work with Meridian Wealth Management, we help you answer all these questions — and more!

We don’t just create a retirement plan for you and promise to check in twice a year.  We develop a long-term relationship with you where you can come to us with all your financial concerns, hopes, and dreams.

Our firm is rooted in relationships. When you work with us, we view you as an extension of our family.  We’re never too busy to help you solve a problem or hatch a plan to achieve a new goal.