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Investment Management

Investing is key to reaching your financial goals and building long-term wealth. We rely on sound economic theory backed by decades of academic research to build investment portfolios.

We believe that markets are mostly efficient, and investors are rewarded by participating in the long-term growth of them. At the same time, we believe there are investment strategies and styles that have the potential to enhance returns.

We use asset allocation to balance risk and reward by apportioning a portfolio’s assets according to a client’s individual goals, risk tolerance and investment horizon.

Investment portfolios are globally diversified in stocks, bonds, real estate and alternative investment strategies. We use individual stocks, bonds, index funds, mutual funds and direct indexing in building our clients’ portfolios and, in some cases, hire sub-advisors to manage parts of them.

Through our financial planning process and subsequent client consultations, we and our clients agree upon investment objectives, guidelines and an asset allocation strategy based upon the client’s financial condition, investment experience, time horizon, risk tolerance level, income requirements and other factors.

Our Custodian Partner
Our preferred custodian partner is Fidelity Investments, although some of our clients have accounts at Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade. When you hire us to manage your investments, we’ll ask that you open or transfer your accounts to Fidelity and authorize us to be able to buy and sell securities in your accounts on your behalf.

Investments held at Fidelity are SIPC-insured. You’ll receive monthly account statements directly from Fidelity, in addition to any reports we create and send to you.