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John Grubbs, AAMS®

Managing Partner & Financial Consultant

As Managing Partner of Meridian Wealth Management and a Financial Consultant, I love building relationships with clients and helping them work through challenges they may not be able to share with others. I’m intellectually curious at heart and pride myself on exploring every possible solution before making any recommendations to my clients.

Before founding Meridian Wealth Management, I spent nearly fifteen years working for some of the world’s leading financial services firm. I worked as an intern at USBancorp Piper Jaffray in the late 90s during the dot-com mania. It was one of the most exciting times in investment history followed by some of the most difficult. I saw firsthand how momentum and exuberance can take over peoples’ emotions – and I quickly realized it wasn’t sustainable for building wealth.

I wanted to focus more on financial planning and comprehensive advice, so I started my career with American Express Financial Advisors.

After that, I moved on to Charles Schwab where I was a Vice President and Financial Consultant and one of their early Private Client Consultants. I built a sizeable practice while I was there and helped transform their business from a discount brokerage firm for do-it yourself investors to more of a full-service firm. I take pride in my contribution to the firm’s success.

In 2012, I became the Senior Director of Investments at Oppenheimer & Co. Inc, one of the earliest pioneers in alternative investments. It was there that I expanded my knowledge in hedge funds, private equity and other sophisticated investment offerings to see how they fit into a client’s overall asset allocation.

All of these opportunities led me to start Meridian Wealth Management.

I grew up in Seattle but relocated to Salem, Oregon with my wife, Nicole, and three children, Ella, Jayana, and Peyton, to slow down a bit and pursue small-town life. In my spare time, you can find me studying something new, gardening, cooking a gourmet meal, and playing pickleball.